Double Your Productivity In 2019 — Guaranteed!

How Would Your Life Change If You Could Double
Your Productivity
Starting Right Now?

Imagine... if you could get twice as much done in your life, without working more, or spending any more of your time.


If you could be working half the amount of time, and get the same amount done as you're accomplishing right now — freeing up the other half of your time to do with what you want…

What would it mean to your business?

To your income?

To your time off?

To your social life?

To your feeling of being successful and making an impact?

It would be a big deal, right? Of course it would...

So how do you increase, let alone DOUBLE, your productivity? ...Especially when you're already working at maximum capacity?

How do we take more time off to get the rejuvenation we need, when we have so much to do?

How do we deal with the increasing distractions and interruptions that are taking our attention away from the high-value work that makes us the most money?

How do we systematize our productivity, and create habits that work for us naturally and automatically every day?

How do we identify those activities in our life and business that will give us the highest possible return, and make us the most possible profit and income — and then design our lives so we make sure to do THOSE money-making actions consistently?

To answer these questions — and I'll definitely answer them...

I'd like to share the exact time management and productivity system I used to start TWO new multi-million dollar businesses in one year, lose 25 pounds... AND double my physical energy...

The All New Wake Up Productive System

If you're ready to double the productivity in your life and work, then I'd like to invite you to join me for the next 90 days... learning the system that I call "Wake Up Productive."

I call it Wake Up Productive because if you go through the program — which only takes about 30 minutes a week — by the end of the training, you'll literally wake up twice as productive, I guarantee it.

We will install two new habits — one in your personal life, and one in your business... and together, these two new routines will literally double your productivity.

The New Wake-up Productive Curriculum

Let me share with you the curriculum and schedule for Wake Up Productive, so you understand what we're going to learn together over the next 90 days...

First, I want to tell you that this program is not an "all at once" training. Some things can be "crammed" and learned in a day. But productivity isn't one of them. You already know that, if you've tried to change a habit in one day.

The reason why we spend 90 days together, and do little "baby steps" of 20-30 minutes a week with implementation exercises, is because we want to create change that sticks... not just a flash in the pan.

Here's a breakdown of the entire
90-day training curriculum:

Week 1:
Orientation & Fast Start Sessions

We begin Wake Up Productive with an orientation video — that you watch as soon as you register — and teaches you the foundational mindsets and approaches of the Wake Up Productive program. This is a comprehensive training, and is actually worth the price of tuition by itself...

We then do do 5 daily "Fast Start" sessions, each of which is about 10 minutes long...

The purpose of these introductory sessions is to "download" everything on your mind that's weighing you down and stressing you out.

We'll then identify what to focus on for the biggest results in your life and business — and learn a new way to think about creating habits.

Once you’ve completed the first week, you
will understand the key Wake Up Productive
principles — and be ready to hit the ground
running when we start the main weekly sessions.

Month 1:
The Inner Game Of Productivity

You'll be introduced to what I believe is the most POWERFUL set of methods for creating life-long productivity

  • We learn the mindsets that we'll need to succeed in the new reality of the always-connected world
  • We'll install what I call your "Personal Success Ritual" to do each day FIRST THING, to set yourself up for a winning day of productivity and success
  • We'll cover how to design a habit that "takes root" and becomes a natural part of your routine, so you automatically do it every day
  • You'll learn how to use what I call "On Ramps" and "Off Ramps" to make the transition into your new habit smoothly
  • You'll also learn how to make sure you get yourself to do what you need to do every day, so it accumulates, accrues, builds on top of previous success
  • We'll cover how to eliminate the inner friction and conflict that robs so much energy and willpower, and much more
  • And we'll face PROCRASTINATION head-on... because fears dress up as procrastination... so we can identify the things we fear, so we can see how our deep fears and terrors derail us unconsciously when it comes to getting into action, and getting things done that we want to accomplish

We start the first week by installing your personal success ritual, then refine it each week after, adding more distinctions, more focus, and more elements... so you come to your second month prepared to take your success at work up to the next level...

After mastering the inner game, we focus on
your business productivity — and the success ritual
that will grow your income and profit.

Month 2:
The Outer Game Of Productivity

In our second month of the main training, we go to work on your business productivity and success... this is all about business and profit growth — in other words, doing the specific things every day that grow the amount of profit and income you make:

  • We go deep into identifying the activities that bring you high lifetime value — the activities that you do in your work that keep paying back for the long-term — those that give you the biggest payback financially
  • We learn a new way to organize our time that I call The 60-60-30 Solution... that forces you to get at least twice as much done
  • We invest these next four weeks developing a structure for your day... to work on the money-making tasks in your business first thing, and automatically
  • We learn how to achieve focus in business, even when the amount of distractions and interruptions in your life are increasing
  • And we learn how to get all of the things you need done without being in a constant state of interruption and multi-tasking (multi-tasking is very inefficient)
  • We also consciously install breaks into your work day to do mini-recharges, which alone will increase your productivity by a LOT

Next, it's time to go to work on the bigger picture for our lives, and to do the things that make us feel ultimately productive, satisfied, and fulfilled...

Month 3:
The Long-Term Game Of Productivity

In our third month, we go to work on the Long-Term Game of Productivity...

Our focus shifts to investing our attention and time for the biggest long-term payoffin terms of fulfillment and happiness

  • We build a routine of deep renewal and rejuvenation — layering to create foundation for productivity... it turns out that if you do the most relaxing, renewing, rejuvenating things that you can find... it actually increases your productivity in your work
  • Most of us don't give ourselves permission to really do what relaxes and renews us, but I'm going to show you why this is VITAL to your success in work — and everywhere else
  • I religiously take big chunks of time off, completely away from work, to make sure that I am performing at my best in my business... and this is an absolute necessity if you want to grow your success consistently, and do it over the long term
  • We'll cultivate a "pure moment" each day, where you touch into deep relaxation and safety, feel completely relaxed and connected to what's most important
  • We'll learn to re-associate presence with a positive feeling — especially if it's associated with danger, nervousness, fear, anxiety — and especially if it was unsafe to be present at a younger time in your life
  • We work on how to stop self-criticism, guilt and shame, how to stop worry and anxiety, and How to switch from worrying to being inspired about the future, switching from a negative orientation to a positive focus
  • I'll show you my favorite tools for creating optimism and generating positive emotions — because let's face it — as our lives become more complex, it's easier and easier to slip into negative emotions and worry — and we need power tools to turn on positive emotions and inspiration when we need it
  • We'll also dive into how to be productive in the context of having a family, friends and romance... so we can actually have more productive social relationships as well

In our third month together, we "map" the Wake Up Productive system over to our purpose, our social life, and the contribution and impact we want to make in the world... to leverage this training for the bigger games we are up to

Everything Is Broken Down Into Step-By-Step
Bite Sized Chunks

The problem with most programs is that you get so much information it's very easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start or how to implement things..

One of the most important parts of Wake Up Productive is how it is designed.

The training is intentionally broken down into 12 weeks — and each week you learn ONE new productivity habit and how to implement it in your life.

You then get the entire next week to practice that habit and develop it into a muscle… This means each week you are only practicing one thing — and that's why this training is so effective.

We are literally building your productivity as you go through this program, because each week builds off the previous week, so you never get overwhelmed and you are implementing the program as you go through it.

Here's what others are saying:

"The material in Wake Up Productive is presented in small digestible segments. You're given time to implement and integrate the methods instead of being overwhelmed by just more info. Eben explains actionable steps and the science and research to support them. This program is fun, easy to learn, and effective."

— Katharina Scharruhn, MD

"Like all of Eben's materials, the ideas in Wake Up Productive were presented in such a way that I immediately thought 'I get it!' On top of that, they're given in bite-size chunks that are easy to implement right away. The result is that unlike so much of the information I consume, for the past year the ideas I learned in Wake Up Productive have been a part of my daily routine."

— Ryan Viguerie

"Wake Up Productive' gave me a systematic step-by-step instruction and tools on how to improve my physiology and mental focus. Each video in the program built up upon earlier learning and soon I was waking up excited about my day and the things I had planned."

— Stewart Kelly

No Planners, Checklists, Or Complex Systems

The great thing about Wake Up Productive is that isn't a bunch of recycled time management stuff from 20 years ago. There are no planners, no checklists, no complex systems with note cards to confuse you... or to lose.

In Wake Up Productive we focus on putting 2 things in place: Your personal success ritual, and your business success ritual. And we take a full 90 days to do it, so you have plenty of time to learn each step, and get it right.

Changing habits doesn't happen overnight. That's why we're going to work together for 90 days... to make sure that they are designed right, implemented right, and that they STICK.

And my promise, and guarantee to you, is that if you'll go through this 90 day program, invest just 30 minutes a week working on your productivity, and you implement what you learn in your life and business, you'll double your productivity.

When You Register Today You Will Also
Get Five Special Bonuses
($1,785 Value)

Bonus #1:

This program is designed to help you win the “Inner Game” of money.

It shows you how successful people think about money and how to use money as a tool to create business and personal wealth.

In this valuable 10 session course, you’ll discover how to create your own “money mastermind” that can automatically rewire your brain and behaviours for success with money.

You’ll learn the most powerful money mindsets… how to create the motivation to take action every day and do the most important things that can bring a lot more money into your life… and much, much more.

The value of my Money Psychology course is $197 if you purchase it separately, but you’ll get the entire course today as a bonus when you register for Wake Up Productive.

Bonus #2:

This program helps you identify your natural gifts and talents… then it shows you how to connect them to the biggest business opportunities that exist right now.

By doing this, it’s possible to create a high income for yourself doing work that you were born to do… work that is so fun and enjoyable, it doesn’t even feel like work.

This is especially valuable if you’re in a full-time job right now, but want to create extra income on the side, or you want to completely leave your job and start your own business.

And if you’re already an entrepreneur, it could serve as the basis of a new business idea for you and can help you identify areas in your current business that could create lots of new profits as a result of your “hidden” talents and gifts.

Turning Your Talent Into Income is $197 when purchased separately, but you’ll get the full program as a bonus when you register for Wake Up Productive today.

Bonus #3:

Whether you’re already a business owner or thinking of starting a business, this program walks you through the principles and strategies you need to succeed quickly and at a high level.

In it, you’ll discover how creativity and productivity go hand in hand … how to innovate … how to surround yourself with a superstar team … and much, much more.

I invested 2 years creating this course, and it’s the most condensed course I have for how to succeed launching and building your own business.

These are proven gems of wisdom that are like having a seasoned, business mentor by your side, guiding you as you are starting out with your own business.

How To Be An Entrepreneur is $197 when purchased separately, but you’ll get the entire program today as a bonus when you register for Wake Up Productive.

Bonus #4:

This is a series of 6 classes led by me, where we go deeper into the Wake Up Productive material you’re learning… and I teach you how to specifically apply it to growing your business and profit.

In these classes I teach more advanced sessions on business growth, marketing, and even investing - and share the newest methods I’ve been using to grow my business and my financial success.

When you install the systems and habits from these classes into your business, it’s possible to create business rituals that automatically focus you on most valuable money-making activities in your business.

When the most valuable things happen in your business every day, automatically, it’s possible to shift your business into high-growth mode and create the kind of business and lifestyle that most people only dream about.

Like your other bonuses, if you purchased this training separately it’s $197… and that’s an incredible bargain for these high-growth business classes… but right now, you can get all six classes as a bonus when you register for Wake Up Productive today.

Bonus #5:

Over the past few years, I have been traveling for most of the time, and it has given me a new perspective on what it means to become more productive in my life and with my family.

It has forced me to take my own productivity to a much higher level.

So in order to share with you what I’ve learned, I’ll be doing a live training called Superhabits.

This is one of the most exciting new programs that I have designed in years

In Superhabits, you will learn how to create automatic habits for learning, and for your relationships. We’ll build new structures in your life that lead to you doing the important things that will help you create not only more business success, but also more personal and relationship success as well.

If you are building a virtual business, or facing the struggles of working from home or while traveling, then this course will be particularly valuable to you.

You’ll get to join me for the live creation of this class, so that you get the transmission first, while it’s fresh.

And if you can’t make the live event, I will also give you access to the final course as well, so you don’t miss it. Once this course goes up for sale, it will be $997. Through this special offer, you get it free.

Here’s Everything You’ll Be Getting When You
Register For Wake Up Productive Today

Wake Up Productive Training — New Edition

$497 Value

Money Psychology Course

$197 Value

Turning Your Talent Into Income

$197 Value

How To Be An Entrepreneur

$197 Value

Business Growth Classes

$197 Value


$997 Value

Total Value = $2,282

* * * * *

Get Everything Now For Two
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With Wake Up Productive and the special bonus courses you’ll be getting a total value of $2,282 in cutting edge training today… but you won't have to pay $2,282. Through this special New Year’s offer, you can get everything now for two small monthly payments of just $97.

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How Much Is An Hour
Of Your Time Worth?

I have another question for you: What is your time worth to you? And what would it be worth to actually double your productivity?

Think of it this way: If you take action and organize yourself and your life so that you free up an extra hour every day, that adds up. In fact, the math is that if you increase your productivity and free up just an extra hour a day, that's 9 full-time work weeks.

That's a pretty big deal.

Increasing your productivity is one of the few areas of life where you can make a massive impact, with just a little bit of relative effort.

For example, if you earn $25 an hour, and you free up an hour a day — you just bought yourself $750 worth of your time PER MONTH. Or $9,000 per year.

If you actually double your productivity, that would mean going from $50,000 earned in a year to $100,000 earned in a year.

I'm not promising you're going to make more money — and my guess is that most people who take productivity programs don't take action, and don't increase their income... but think about it for a minute.

Get Wake Up Productive Now

Double Your Productivity
Or Your Money Back

When you register today for Wake Up Productive you get a full 90 days to try out and use the course — before you decide if it’s right for you.

Go through the whole thing. Implement all of the strategies and techniques in your life and business. In my experience you’ll start seeing results very quickly… but you don’t have to decide anything until you’ve completed the entire course.

If you complete the course and you don’t think it’s the best investment that you’ve ever made, for any reason, just show me your exercises and homework, so I know that you completed the course, and I will give you a 100% refund - all your money back.

And even if you get a refund, I’ll still let you keep the entire course and all the bonuses as a free gift from me, just for giving Wake Up Productive a try.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that!

Student Success Stories

"Eben’s Wake Up Productive program has allowed me to create a powerful morning routine that gives me the focused mindset and nutritional launch pad to drive my entire day. I’m waking up earlier, laser focused on the right tasks and achieving more. Amazing program!"

— Bob Thordarson, CEO BluCapp, Inc.

“Wake Up Productive continues to be a godsend reminder of how to reclaim my daily actions that keep me aligned with my life purpose. My favorite insight was setting a 50 minute timer and taking a break. I now have more energy at the end of the day, and feel more productive during the 50 minutes because I am more focused. There is a wealth of healthy productivity tips in the program. If you want to be more productive I know of no other program on the market as thorough and gets to the heart of being productive.”

— Ed Ferrigan, Getting Relationship Right

“The program to me was like a giant flashlight - it lit up the corners of my head that were dusty, had cobwebs in them. With Eben's help, got all that cleaned up and ... BOOM! Results are up, anxiety and confusion way down.

The way Eben coaches you, you CAN'T HELP but make the small but mighty changes and see results right away. The program is in bite-size chunks - super-easy to take action, nothing feels overwhelming.

Do yourself a favor - get Wake Up Productive and get where you are going faster!”

— Svitlana Graves

“The material in Wake Up Productive is presented in small digestible segments. You're given time to implement and integrate the methods instead of being overwhelmed by just more info. Eben explains actionable steps and the science and research to support them. This program is fun, easy to learn, and effective.

The difference Wake Up Productive has made for me in my life and business is that it has given me structure in my daily routine without being suffocating or restrictive. I have learned how to focus on physical, emotional, and mental health and how to integrate it into the chaos of daily life. I have learned how to schedule and accomplish the difficult tasks for my business. Rather than procrastinating, I get them done. I am literally more productive rather than just being busy.

This program has paid for itself many times over.

If you are looking for an enjoyable, informative, affordable program that you can easily and systematically integrate into your daily routine, then Wake Up Productive is for you.”


— Katharina Scharruhn, MD

“For the past two decades I had quite a successful career as an international business trainer. Needless to say that I always thought of myself of being productive. Eben`s program Wake Up Productive has helped me to reach even higher levels of productivity! Eben`s approach to productivity is well researched, his style of teaching is well structured and straight to the point. Wake Up Productive is well worth the money and brings the results promised. I can only recommend Wake Up Productive to anyone being interested in reaching new heights of productivity!”

— Martin Maglia

“Having studied and utilized several personal productivity programs, without question, Wake Up Productive has provided me the most impactful and measurable results toward becoming highly productive on a consistent basis. The exercises and strategies that Eben provide are terrific in eliminating things that clutter your mind, waste valuable time and unconsciously impair your ability to focus on things that are important in achieving your goals. Because he also teaches the underlying rationale behind inefficient behavior we often engage in, you naturally become motivated to shed that behavior and complete those tasks which lead to highly productive results. I am an attorney turned full-time business consultant and coach. “Wake Up Productive is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to achieve high levels of success in any area. I am certainly recommending it to all of my clients.”

— Terry Davis, JD, MBA

“The program Wake Up Productive supplied me with dozens of effective tools that I was able to implement immediately and still use to this day. From starting my day with a full glass of water to hydrate to tips on focused work production, this program was an incredible bargain.

Not only did it provide valuable time saving tools, but it got to the heart of what causes us to procrastinate, over eat, have anxiety and all the little time wasters that occur through habit and emotional states.

I highly recommend for anyone wanting to change and improve their life. Not only will they become more efficient with the time but they will also feel better and be healthier.

This program was a Grand Slam!!!

Warmest regards,

— Michael

“Wake up productive gave me a laser-like focus on the top priorities of my business. I use my system everyday to get ready to work, block my time, and to remind me to take breaks.”

— Cecilia Hilkey, MA
Creator of Happily Family

“Wake Up Productive isn’t just another “productivity” product. It should be considered “THE” productivity product. This is more than just time management…it’s helped me change habits and routines to achieve a consistent, higher level of achievement, while helping me “unclutter” my mind.

If you are serious about achieving more in your life…this is a great first step…to make the rest of the journey easier…and more productive, and will more than pay for itself many times over.”

— Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA

“If you’re ready to actually engage with life more fully, this program offers simple and doable steps to get you moving into the day in ways where so much more can happen, with so much less effort. I have found it to be something that I return to again and again to kickstart new phases of my life."

— Cheryl Walter

“I rate the whole course as excellent - a great system that sorted out my chaotic life - gave me the structure and discipline to move forward, and surprised myself by achieving far more during my week than ever before. Thoroughly recommend taking the course if you find yourself bogged down and short of time.

— Richard Calderwood

“Eben's "Wake Up Productive" Course introduced me to a set of tools that I wish to have found much earlier in my life. It reveals many secrets about the factors that impact our productivity.

For instance: how the human brain works and affects our behavior and results. It made me aware of the decisive role of habits and rituals.

It offers crystal clear insights in what to change and how to change it in order to achieve a higher level of productivity. Definitely one of my better choices.”

Thank you Eben!

Lots of success with your new course.


— Henk van der Wijk

“Like most people starting a new business, for a period of time the business owns you rather than vice versa. Wow, was I surprised that there were far more benefits than just time savings. Implementing the techniques in the course continues to save me 90-150 minutes a day, and I am spendiing more time on high priority projects. I've attended many time management seminars, but this was clearly the most beneficial to me and my business. Now, I own the business and not vice versa. Wake Up Productive isan excellent investment, and in my opinion a must attend for business owners.”

— Tom DeMaio
TJD Marketing

“This program has been extremely beneficial for me. I got tools that are both mental and practical at the same time to be able to be more efficient and to be able to do more everyday and still keep my energy high which gives me benefit. I have listened to the program more than once and use the tools to this day on a daily basis. It has changed the way I think and the way I behave. I highly recommend for you if you have any difficult on this area!”

— Etty Heinrich

“In the past 2 years since I purchased the Wake Up Productive program, I can comfortably say that it has helped me to more than triple my income... This program helped me to understand a lot about energy and being effective in the the things you are doing in life as well as the importance of rejuvenation and renewal.”


— Kellen Chase

“I have signed up and paid for a lot of programs and this one hands down was the kickstarter to action for me. Mornings historically were the worst for me. I had no routine and if the day started off rough the rest of the day did not seem to get much better. Twice a year I go through the program again to tweak and update my morning routine to align with where I am personally and professionally. This is one the best programs out there to get motivated and get on track with your personal and professional goals. ”

— Denise Antoon, J.D., M.S.

“'Wake Up Productive' gave me a systematic step-by-step instruction and tools on how to improve my physiology and mental focus. Each video in the program built up upon earlier learning and soon I was waking up excited about my day and the things I had planned. I can heartily recommend Wake up Productive to anyone who feels they are not living up to their potential and sincerely want to achieve more.”

— Stewart Kelly

“I studied Eben’s Wake Up Productive program and applied the fundamentals provided in the program. I was absolutely amazed at the new mindsets and how positively this has impacted me in all aspects of my life - both business and personal. The program has enabled me to be many times more productive, I could easily say that I am 10X more productive than ever before. I used to think of myself as a productive and after taking Eben’s program, my definition of ‘productive’ was redefined. ”

“If you want to increase your productivity level and realize many benefits in your life as a direct result, register for Eben’s program as soon as you can, learn and apply the techniques that Eben shares. The mindsets and techniques are easy to learn and apply and you’ll realize benefits in your life like you never imagined. ”

— Andre Fortier

“"Like all of Eben's materials, the ideas in Wake Up Productive were presented in such a way that I immediately thought 'I get it!' On top of that, they're given in bite-size chunks that are easy to implement right away. The result is that unlike so much of the information I consume, for the past year the ideas I learned in Wake Up Productive have been a part of my daily routine.

And it's been a very productive year.“

— Ryan Viguerie

“Wake Up Productive" is THE definitive productivity program! I gained invaluable techniques for greater effectiveness in my daily life as well as a shift in mindset to be more intentional. Daily success rituals, like creating a morning routine first thing out of bed and timing work/rest breaks throughout the day, are the best techniques I have ever learned. Not only is the program packed with incredible tips and tools but it provides a holistic approach to living which impacted upon my overall wellbeing and health. Eben has done a masterful job of creating a program that transcends all other programs. I can't recommend it highly enough!”


— Clark Vautier

“When I first heard about the "Wake Up Productive" program and the results it would bring me, I was a little skeptical. But somehow, I just knew I had to follow this course. Learning a way to be more productive really caught my attention.

Ever since I started this program, I slowly built in more time to actually do what is of true importance to help my business grow. I used to get distracted by email and the huge amount of different tasks to fulfil, but now I found a clean and focussed way to do all that needs to be done. At the end of the day I often feel thrilled about how smooth things got handled! Somehow, it's as if I work less hours a day, and yet, I get much more done than I did before. I know it sounds crazy, I would think the same way a few months ago when I would read a thing like this. But really, Eben gave me a very good way to handle my time so I can work with much better focus and choose those things that bring me the best results for my business. Every day I'm impressed about it again and again!

I can surely recommend this to anyone who is getting started with his/her own business, or who is running a business and wants to win time by working in a more focussed way.”

— Nadia Verhaegen, Belgium

“Wake Up Productive is one the best investments I've made in myself. Learning about and implementing a morning ritual has changed and improved my life in every aspect. Honestly, this is the only course where I watched every single video and took in depth notes. If you are stuck and you are ready to blast your productivity through the roof, I recommend this program.”

— Derek Sasser

“I was overwhelmed with all the marketing stuff I was learning and suddenly realized I wasn't going to accomplish or implement all I was learning until I got organized. I needed accountability and discipline in order to get the results I wanted. A friend turned me on to Eben's Wake Up Productive course and it was the exact thing I needed in a moment of panic to ground me and get me focused. Without this course, I'd still be fumbling around, pissing away hours in my day, and not staying on task like I am now. I can honestly say I tripled my productivity taking this course.

— Jayson Gaddis, Relationship Expert & Breakthrough Marriage Coach

“Wake Up Productive completely transformed the way I approach my work and my life and it's made a profound contribution to my success. In starting my latest business, I knew I needed to up my game, and WUP gave me the thinking and strategies to do just that. I now have all new employees take the program because of how powerful it is, and our entire team are now big fans as well. I can't imagine that anyone who takes the program and really puts all of the material into practice wouldn't be far more effective at producing whatever they set out to do in their business and life.”

— David Hassell

“'Amazingly effective' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Wake Up Productive. Eben taught me how to be more productive in business. I particularly like the technique of focusing on your most important task first in the morning. Thanks to this powerful program, I can now write a high traffic-grabbing guest post in 50 minutes and create 5 attention-grabbing YouTube videos in an hour. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to have Wake Up Productive as the guide to boost their productivity.”

— Jonathan Li

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