How To Build A Business You Love By Helping People All Over The World As A "Virtual Coach"

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Presented by Eben Pagan

Eben teaches entrepreneurs around the world to grow their businesses through his online training and coaching programs. Some have described Eben as the "teacher’s teacher" because more than 1 million people from all over the globe have purchased his online training and coaching programs. Currently Eben is focused on helping coaches learn his groundbreaking "Next Level Coaching Model". Eben believes this model is the future of coaching, and the ultimate way to create a profitable Virtual Coaching practice... where you get paid to help others get to the next level in their lives.

In this FREE class, you’ll discover:

  • My brand new "Next Level Coaching Model" and how you can use it to create a coaching business you love
  • How to build a business that makes you happy, making a real difference in people’s lives
  • A simple test you can use to find out if being a coach is your true calling
  • How to quickly develop your confidence and credibility so you attract high-paying clients that love working with you
  • Why being a coach is the ultimate path to personal transformation, growth, and happiness
  • And much more!

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