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Here's what's inside the Platinum Passport:

Digital Product Blueprint

Discover the ultimate blueprint for turning your existing knowledge and expertise into a digital product or online course that you can sell for premium prices.

  • Learn 7 powerful knowledge frameworks that make creating a high quality product your customers will love to buy a quick, easy and fun process
  • Discover how to architect an irresistible product offer that makes it easy for your customers to enroll in your product during your launch
  • Get advanced product design strategies so you can command a premium price for any product you create
  • Find out how to select and narrow possible niches so you find the “sweet spot” where you can create a product that will sell itself – and don’t waste money or time on unprofitable ideas
  • Learn how to leverage your online course or digital product into a thriving online business that works for you 24/7 …

Virtual Coach

Build a coaching practice you truly LOVE in just 10 weeks, by honing your coaching skills and having a system that attracts all the clients you’ll need.

  • Learn how to first create transformation and success in yourself, before you help others do it too, by using the revolutionary “Next Level” coaching system.
  • Discover the “Success Code” which will help you succeed and feel confident in every area of life - including health, wealth, and relationships.
  • Get the proven marketing templates, so you can instantly create education-based, ethical marketing that serves your client and will make them want to work with you …
  • Learn strategies for creating premium coaching packages and offer them in a way that feels natural, credible, and compelling to your clients.
  • Master 10 of my best tools for helping anyone through a transition or transformation.

Accelerate High Growth Business Training

Learn the advanced systems and strategies you need to “install” in your business to scale to the multimillion dollar level and beyond.

  • This home study program was originally a 7 day live intensive, that close to 400 students paid up to $12,000 a ticket to attend
  • Cutting edge marketing strategies I have never revealed until now
  • Also included are two exclusive trainings: Accelerate Learning and Accelerate Lifestyle
  • Accelerate Learning — discover powerful learning models and techniques that will help you internalize information faster and learn more efficiently
  • Accelerate Lifestyle learn from some of my favorite teachers on how to cultivate a lifestyle of freedom and worklife balance that makes it all worth it

Self-Made WEALTH

Completely change how you think, act and use money in your life so you can create long term financial success with the 12 Week Intensive Self-Made WEALTH training.

  • Debunk the biggest and most widespread myths and beliefs about money and wealth creation that have probably been holding you back and keeping you stuck
  • Discover specific strategies successful "rich" people use to generate REAL wealth over the long term
  • Dig DEEP into the Psychology of Wealth Prevention and systematically rewire your thinking so you naturally attract more wealth and develop successful "money habits"
  • Learn how to accumulate personal assets that pay you long into the future
  • Learn the correct investment strategies and concepts to help you balance your portfolio for the highest returns

Guru Advanced Information Marketing Training

Turn your knowledge into information products that people buy
for high prices online.

  • Get my entire catalog of GURU Training Programs that sell for between $2000 - $24,000 per course
  • Proven templates I've used to build 10 different information product businesses to the million dollar level and beyond and you can start using today
  • An exact, easy to implement system to develop content and package it into a product that someone will pay high prices for
  • How to design your landing page or optin page to generate potential customers and build your email list - and how to follow up
  • How to create highly persuasive and captivating videos and sales letters that get your customers to buy

Inner Circle Mastermind

Behind the scenes recordings of my only long term high-end mastermind.

  • Closed door sessions with 30 highly accomplished entrepreneurs who share their best kept secrets for mastering mindset, health, business, your team and your systems
  • Inner circle strategies of how the most elite entrepreneurs rapidly grow and scale their businesses
  • The 6 core Positioning strategies, and how YOU can use them to chisel a unique and secure place for your business in even the most competitive markets
  • How to unleash the power of rituals in your business PLUS the 3 systems I recommend you begin in your business IMMEDIATELY
  • Why compassion is the greatest business skill for a high performing entrepreneur

Marketing Step By Step

Get a complete AZ crash course in marketing, from the group up covering all the key techniques, you can use immediately in your business.

  • 19 full length video sessions each with an application exercise to take you from soup to nuts in marketing
  • How to design, develop, and execute a comprehensive marketing plan for your business
  • How to craft attention grabbing marketing headlines and advertisements that get people to pay attention and ultimately buy
  • Identify and use your prospects emotional hot buttons to instantly increase buying behavior
  • How to sell your products and services without pressure or being pushy

Business Growth Mentors

Listen in as I grill 32 of the top business growth mentors in the world to uncover their secrets secrets and strategies.

  • Interviews with dozens of best selling authors many of them Number #1 best selling authors
  • Learn from a sales genius that tripled 3 companies in a row
  • Get the inside secrets of a CEO that sold his company for a BILLION dollars
  • Behind the scenes with the person who architected the biggest online launch
  • A special interview with a somebody who has been on TV everyday for 10 years

Print Persuasion

Master the art of copywriting with 4 of the world's best copywriters.

  • Learn directly from copywriters who charge thousands of dollars per hour, and usually aren't even accepting new clients
  • 4 of the best copywriters sharing advanced psychology and persuasion strategies
  • System, frameworks and templates for writing copy and creating presentations that sell
  • Common mistakes most business owners make when trying to sell their product or service — and what to do about it
  • How to make the process of copywriting fun and even enjoyable


Discover the fastest (and easiest) ways to jump start a business and quickly accelerate it into high growth mode.

  • Join entrepreneurs who invested $10,000 per ticket and flew in from 26 countries to learn these exact systems to explode their business
  • Kickstart your company from the ground up with highly effective and low cost marketing strategies
  • Systematically remove mental blocks and create conditions for rapid business success
  • Get into the mind of your customer and create marketing that compels them to buy your products
  • Systemize your business so you only focus on the highest profit generating activities

Plus Unrestricted Access To Dozens More!

“Eben was fantastic at helping me figure out specific words and emotions for writing copy that my prospects would respond to.”

— Angela Lin Founder

“Well this program has taken my life on a radically different path. I've never felt so grounded in the present and excited about the future all at once. Thank you Eben and Team with the deepest sincerity. You truly are changing lives, and showing the path to freedom that we all crave.”

— Andrea Albright

Lifetime Access To The The Ultimate Business And Personal Growth Library

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You get instant access to over 40 of my top selling high end programs — every one designed specifically to help you fuel your business and personal growth this year — all in one single location. One master vault.

So how much does something like this cost?

I did the quick math to total how much our students have invested to go through the original versions of each of these courses.

Its over $100,000 dollars!

And that's what my students actually invested to get ALL of these different training programs.

That's not an imaginary number. That's actually how much they paid when we individually launches these different programs.

And when you think about it, that's really what you’d expect to pay for a world class business education in a formal setting at say a top college or university…

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On this page only, I want to give you the opportunity to get full unrestricted to the Platinum Passport with all its perks completely RISK-FREE for 30 days, so you can experience just how valuable a resource like this is to have in your business and life.

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Because I want you to see how beneficial it is to have a $100,000 business library, filled with all my premium high ticket step-by-step programs that were originally $2,000 to 30,000 each, I’d like to make you an IRRESISTIBLE offer…

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Choose one of these two investment options:

So let’s recap real quick

The Platinum Passport is the ultimate entrepreneurial education

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You get instant access access to 46 of my top selling entrepreneurial and business training programs including ALL of my high end top tier programs.

In other words, for just 12 monthly payments of $497, you get access to the most advanced learning resource I’ve created to date...

You get what I believe is really the ULTIMATE business and entrepreneurial education available in the world and the best way I can help you make more profits and increase your income and live the life you want this year.

And remember, this is the lowest price that the Platinum Passport will ever be. Once you leave this page you likely won’t hear about it again until we officially launch it at the regular tuition of $9,997.

So if you’re interested in joining my Platinum Passport, I highly recommend you give it a run for 30 days RISK-FREE. If at the end of those 30 days you aren’t completely thrilled, simply email my team for a full refund of your initial $497 payment.

“Thank you SO MUCH Eben for your incredible gift of sharing all the knowledge that you have taken the time to learn, study and create. The Copywriting Course is just AMAZING! I have learned more today than I have in the last 2 years of hunting online to find some info on how to get my copywriting skills started.”

— Glory St. Germain

“I now have a simple formula to follow that takes away any confusion on exactly what is required in creating an Information Product that my target customers will want to buy and that I will not have to "sell." This has saved me a tremendous amount of effort and time while being pleasant and simple to follow.”

— Mohan Rao

Here’s what to do next

Click button below to get started and within a few minutes you’ll have access to the Platinum Passport and my entire business training library with all 40+ courses.

I really believe that with a master resource like this, you will have everything you need to make 2021 the biggest year for your business and life so far.

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“I came to the internet searching for a way to build a small business. I was never satisfied with the level of training I found until I found Eben Pagan. I believe this is the one guy on the internet that has brought integrity back into internet marketing and building an online business.”

— Val Taylor

“I just completed the "How To Build A Virtual Business" program and have never been more clear about how to move forward in my business. Thanks to this program, I know exactly how to identify niche markets and do market research, what types of products I can deliver, how I am going to interact with my customers to discover their needs and answer their questions, what kind of team I need to implement with high leverage so I can focus on my talents and strengths - and how to hire them, how to manage my business virtually, where I want my business to be in 3 years, what my top priorities are now in order to get there, and MUCH more! It was a virtual rosetta stone that unlocked many of the mysteries that were holding me back. Do yourself a favor and invest in this program - it is PRICELESS!!”

— Jason S. Moore

Imagine how much growth you will experience this year by investing just 15-30 minutes a day in yourself and your business?

I've done all the "heavy lifting" for you and distilled all the key aspects of business and personal growth into easy to follow, step by step trainings so you get the ultimate shortcut to fasttrack your success.

Within one year, you will have completely "rewired" your approach to money, business, marketing, productivity and success.In short: you don't have to learn these skills the hard way or by trial and error, like I did. Let me take you by the hand and be your mentor this year to help you achieve all your goals in 2021 and beyond.

The Platinum has take me over 15 years to develop and millions of dollars to produce. And today, you can get it for a fraction of the price with savings of over $5,000.

Choose one of these two investment options:

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds like a lot of information. Will I have time to go through it all?

Yes. I’m giving you lifetime access to the entire library, so you can go through it at your own pace. This library is designed to be a resource and knowledge bank that you can refer to whenever you want. If you’re feeling inspired to learn and add to your skillset, simply fire up the respective course you can go through it at your own pace. If a something comes up in your business where you don’t know what to do, refer to this knowledge bank for the answers. If you don’t know what program to refer to, simply send us an email and we’ll point you to the right direction.

How is this training different than other business training programs out there?

The problem with most business trainings out there is that they aren’t taught by people who actually built real businesses before. I’ve built over 10 businesses to over a million dollars from scratch, with little to no outside investment. In other words, I’m not just all talk here. Every single one of these trainings are based off the real world ‘in the trenches’ experience that’s taken me years to accumulate and I’m giving it all to you right here in the Platinum Passport.

Do I have to wait for anything in the mail?

No. The Platinum Passport is an 100% digital video and audio learning platform, so you’ll get immediate unrestricted access to ALL of the courses the moment you finish checking out. You can start going through your first courses in just 5 minutes from now if you want to.

What if I decide the Platinum Passport is not for me?

Rest easy. As with any of my products and programs, I’ve got you covered by a full 30 day money back guarantee. Try the the Platinum Passport out and if you decide that it's not the right fit for you, then send us an email at support and we’ll promptly refund your full payment. No questions asked.

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Success Stories

"Eben’s Wake Up Productive program has allowed me to create a powerful morning routine that gives me the focused mindset and nutritional launch pad to drive my entire day. I’m waking up earlier, laser focused on the right tasks and achieving more. Amazing program!"

— Bob Thordarson, CEO BluCapp, Inc.

“Wake Up Productive continues to be a godsend reminder of how to reclaim my daily actions that keep me aligned with my life purpose. My favorite insight was setting a 50 minute timer and taking a break. I now have more energy at the end of the day, and feel more productive during the 50 minutes because I am more focused. There is a wealth of healthy productivity tips in the program. If you want to be more productive I know of no other program on the market as thorough and gets to the heart of being productive.”

— Ed Ferrigan, Getting Relationship Right

“The program to me was like a giant flashlight - it lit up the corners of my head that were dusty, had cobwebs in them. With Eben's help, got all that cleaned up and ... BOOM! Results are up, anxiety and confusion way down.

The way Eben coaches you, you CAN'T HELP but make the small but mighty changes and see results right away. The program is in bite-size chunks - super-easy to take action, nothing feels overwhelming.

Do yourself a favor - get Wake Up Productive and get where you are going faster!”

— Svitlana Graves

“The material in Wake Up Productive is presented in small digestible segments. You're given time to implement and integrate the methods instead of being overwhelmed by just more info. Eben explains actionable steps and the science and research to support them. This program is fun, easy to learn, and effective.

The difference Wake Up Productive has made for me in my life and business is that it has given me structure in my daily routine without being suffocating or restrictive. I have learned how to focus on physical, emotional, and mental health and how to integrate it into the chaos of daily life. I have learned how to schedule and accomplish the difficult tasks for my business. Rather than procrastinating, I get them done. I am literally more productive rather than just being busy.

This program has paid for itself many times over.

If you are looking for an enjoyable, informative, affordable program that you can easily and systematically integrate into your daily routine, then Wake Up Productive is for you.”


— Katharina Scharruhn, MD

“For the past two decades I had quite a successful career as an international business trainer. Needless to say that I always thought of myself of being productive. Eben`s program Wake Up Productive has helped me to reach even higher levels of productivity! Eben`s approach to productivity is well researched, his style of teaching is well structured and straight to the point. Wake Up Productive is well worth the money and brings the results promised. I can only recommend Wake Up Productive to anyone being interested in reaching new heights of productivity!”

— Martin Maglia

“Having studied and utilized several personal productivity programs, without question, Wake Up Productive has provided me the most impactful and measurable results toward becoming highly productive on a consistent basis. The exercises and strategies that Eben provide are terrific in eliminating things that clutter your mind, waste valuable time and unconsciously impair your ability to focus on things that are important in achieving your goals. Because he also teaches the underlying rationale behind inefficient behavior we often engage in, you naturally become motivated to shed that behavior and complete those tasks which lead to highly productive results. I am an attorney turned full-time business consultant and coach. “Wake Up Productive is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to achieve high levels of success in any area. I am certainly recommending it to all of my clients.”

— Terry Davis, JD, MBA

“The program Wake Up Productive supplied me with dozens of effective tools that I was able to implement immediately and still use to this day. From starting my day with a full glass of water to hydrate to tips on focused work production, this program was an incredible bargain.

Not only did it provide valuable time saving tools, but it got to the heart of what causes us to procrastinate, over eat, have anxiety and all the little time wasters that occur through habit and emotional states.

I highly recommend for anyone wanting to change and improve their life. Not only will they become more efficient with the time but they will also feel better and be healthier.

This program was a Grand Slam!!!

Warmest regards,

— Michael

“Wake up productive gave me a laser-like focus on the top priorities of my business. I use my system everyday to get ready to work, block my time, and to remind me to take breaks.”

— Cecilia Hilkey, MA
Creator of Happily Family

“Wake Up Productive isn’t just another “productivity” product. It should be considered “THE” productivity product. This is more than just time management…it’s helped me change habits and routines to achieve a consistent, higher level of achievement, while helping me “unclutter” my mind.

If you are serious about achieving more in your life…this is a great first step…to make the rest of the journey easier…and more productive, and will more than pay for itself many times over.”

— Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA

“If you’re ready to actually engage with life more fully, this program offers simple and doable steps to get you moving into the day in ways where so much more can happen, with so much less effort. I have found it to be something that I return to again and again to kickstart new phases of my life."

— Cheryl Walter

“I rate the whole course as excellent - a great system that sorted out my chaotic life - gave me the structure and discipline to move forward, and surprised myself by achieving far more during my week than ever before. Thoroughly recommend taking the course if you find yourself bogged down and short of time.

— Richard Calderwood

“Eben's "Wake Up Productive" Course introduced me to a set of tools that I wish to have found much earlier in my life. It reveals many secrets about the factors that impact our productivity.

For instance: how the human brain works and affects our behavior and results. It made me aware of the decisive role of habits and rituals.

It offers crystal clear insights in what to change and how to change it in order to achieve a higher level of productivity. Definitely one of my better choices.”

Thank you Eben!

Lots of success with your new course.


— Henk van der Wijk

“Like most people starting a new business, for a period of time the business owns you rather than vice versa. Wow, was I surprised that there were far more benefits than just time savings. Implementing the techniques in the course continues to save me 90-150 minutes a day, and I am spendiing more time on high priority projects. I've attended many time management seminars, but this was clearly the most beneficial to me and my business. Now, I own the business and not vice versa. Wake Up Productive isan excellent investment, and in my opinion a must attend for business owners.”

— Tom DeMaio
TJD Marketing

“This program has been extremely beneficial for me. I got tools that are both mental and practical at the same time to be able to be more efficient and to be able to do more everyday and still keep my energy high which gives me benefit. I have listened to the program more than once and use the tools to this day on a daily basis. It has changed the way I think and the way I behave. I highly recommend for you if you have any difficult on this area!”

— Etty Heinrich

“In the past 2 years since I purchased the Wake Up Productive program, I can comfortably say that it has helped me to more than triple my income... This program helped me to understand a lot about energy and being effective in the the things you are doing in life as well as the importance of rejuvenation and renewal.”


— Kellen Chase

“I have signed up and paid for a lot of programs and this one hands down was the kickstarter to action for me. Mornings historically were the worst for me. I had no routine and if the day started off rough the rest of the day did not seem to get much better. Twice a year I go through the program again to tweak and update my morning routine to align with where I am personally and professionally. This is one the best programs out there to get motivated and get on track with your personal and professional goals. ”

— Denise Antoon, J.D., M.S.

“'Wake Up Productive' gave me a systematic step-by-step instruction and tools on how to improve my physiology and mental focus. Each video in the program built up upon earlier learning and soon I was waking up excited about my day and the things I had planned. I can heartily recommend Wake up Productive to anyone who feels they are not living up to their potential and sincerely want to achieve more.”

— Stewart Kelly

“I studied Eben’s Wake Up Productive program and applied the fundamentals provided in the program. I was absolutely amazed at the new mindsets and how positively this has impacted me in all aspects of my life - both business and personal. The program has enabled me to be many times more productive, I could easily say that I am 10X more productive than ever before. I used to think of myself as a productive and after taking Eben’s program, my definition of ‘productive’ was redefined. ”

“If you want to increase your productivity level and realize many benefits in your life as a direct result, register for Eben’s program as soon as you can, learn and apply the techniques that Eben shares. The mindsets and techniques are easy to learn and apply and you’ll realize benefits in your life like you never imagined. ”

— Andre Fortier

“"Like all of Eben's materials, the ideas in Wake Up Productive were presented in such a way that I immediately thought 'I get it!' On top of that, they're given in bite-size chunks that are easy to implement right away. The result is that unlike so much of the information I consume, for the past year the ideas I learned in Wake Up Productive have been a part of my daily routine.

And it's been a very productive year.“

— Ryan Viguerie

“Wake Up Productive" is THE definitive productivity program! I gained invaluable techniques for greater effectiveness in my daily life as well as a shift in mindset to be more intentional. Daily success rituals, like creating a morning routine first thing out of bed and timing work/rest breaks throughout the day, are the best techniques I have ever learned. Not only is the program packed with incredible tips and tools but it provides a holistic approach to living which impacted upon my overall wellbeing and health. Eben has done a masterful job of creating a program that transcends all other programs. I can't recommend it highly enough!”


— Clark Vautier

“When I first heard about the "Wake Up Productive" program and the results it would bring me, I was a little skeptical. But somehow, I just knew I had to follow this course. Learning a way to be more productive really caught my attention.

Ever since I started this program, I slowly built in more time to actually do what is of true importance to help my business grow. I used to get distracted by email and the huge amount of different tasks to fulfil, but now I found a clean and focussed way to do all that needs to be done. At the end of the day I often feel thrilled about how smooth things got handled! Somehow, it's as if I work less hours a day, and yet, I get much more done than I did before. I know it sounds crazy, I would think the same way a few months ago when I would read a thing like this. But really, Eben gave me a very good way to handle my time so I can work with much better focus and choose those things that bring me the best results for my business. Every day I'm impressed about it again and again!

I can surely recommend this to anyone who is getting started with his/her own business, or who is running a business and wants to win time by working in a more focused way.”

— Nadia Verhaegen, Belgium

“Wake Up Productive is one the best investments I've made in myself. Learning about and implementing a morning ritual has changed and improved my life in every aspect. Honestly, this is the only course where I watched every single video and took in depth notes. If you are stuck and you are ready to blast your productivity through the roof, I recommend this program.”

— Derek Sasser

“I was overwhelmed with all the marketing stuff I was learning and suddenly realized I wasn't going to accomplish or implement all I was learning until I got organized. I needed accountability and discipline in order to get the results I wanted. A friend turned me on to Eben's Wake Up Productive course and it was the exact thing I needed in a moment of panic to ground me and get me focused. Without this course, I'd still be fumbling around, pissing away hours in my day, and not staying on task like I am now. I can honestly say I tripled my productivity taking this course.

— Jayson Gaddis, Relationship Expert & Breakthrough Marriage Coach

“Wake Up Productive completely transformed the way I approach my work and my life and it's made a profound contribution to my success. In starting my latest business, I knew I needed to up my game, and WUP gave me the thinking and strategies to do just that. I now have all new employees take the program because of how powerful it is, and our entire team are now big fans as well. I can't imagine that anyone who takes the program and really puts all of the material into practice wouldn't be far more effective at producing whatever they set out to do in their business and life.”

— David Hassell

“'Amazingly effective' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Wake Up Productive. Eben taught me how to be more productive in business. I particularly like the technique of focusing on your most important task first in the morning. Thanks to this powerful program, I can now write a high traffic-grabbing guest post in 50 minutes and create 5 attention-grabbing YouTube videos in an hour. Any entrepreneur would be lucky to have Wake Up Productive as the guide to boost their productivity.”

— Jonathan Li

Choose one of these two investment options: