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Customers Than You Can Handle

Eben Pagan

January 14th, 2018

Dear Business Builder,

If you’re looking to start or grow your business and want to explode your sales and profits … attract more paying clients automatically … and do it all in the fastest time possible …

… then listen up.

Because today I want to help you master the #1 skill that can do all that for you and more.

What is this #1 skill?

It’s the skill of using words to get people to buy your product or service. In other words, it’s the skill of...


Copywriting is also known as “persuasion in print.”

And it’s the most critical skill you can learn if you want to speed up your business growth and success

That’s why in the next few minutes here, I’ll tell you how you can get good at writing copy as quickly as possible – even if you flunked your high-school English class.

Now look –

Maybe you’ve tried to learn copywriting in the past and got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there …

Or maybe you’ve heard about it but hate the thought of writing …

Either way, the “shortcut” I’m going to show you makes the learning process drop-dead simple and the “writing” part easier than ever before.

I’ll tell you more about it in just a moment.

First, though …

Let me tell you a quick story …

I was 22 years old when I decided to get into real estate.

So I excitedly got my real estate license and set up my business.

Only problem?

Nobody was banging down my door, wanting me to help them sell or buy a home.

That’s when I decided to advertise and “get my name out there.”

My first ad was the result of me using some “guru’s” do-it-yourself ad templates I’d bought at a marketing seminar.

I used one of the templates, and spent $300 to run it in my local real estate paper.

I’m kinda embarrassed to say, the ad had a picture of a director's chair with no one sitting in it, and a headline that said:

"Eben Pagan is too busy helping people buy and sell real estate to pose for pictures.”

Cute, right? I thought I nailed it.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Nobody called (well, except a couple of friends who called to say they thought the ad “looked” great).

I was out the $300 I spent to get that ad in the paper.

The big “Aha” that got me more
clients than I could handle

Fast forward a few months, I went to yet another marketing seminar…

This one was different. They were focused on getting RESULTS instead of being “cute.”

And it was there I learned the power of WORDS.

So using what I’d just learned, I went to the same real estate paper, and forked out another $300 to run a new ad.

Except this time, the ad said:

"Free Report Reveals Expensive Mistakes To Avoid If You're Buying Or Selling A Home".

And guess what?

The phone started ringing off the hook.

Potential clients were calling ME.

I didn’t have to cold call. I didn’t have to “sell” myself on why I was so awesome.

I couldn't believe the difference.

I placed two ads for the SAME service on the SAME local magazine, where I spent the SAME money.

One ad got me zero leads and customers.

The other had my phone ringing off the hook, with more leads that I could possibly handle.

I’ll never forget that day because I experienced firsthand the difference between good copy and bad copy.

The words you use to move people to action and buy your stuff MATTER

Think about it:

Great copy can mean the difference between a marketing campaign bringing in $1,000 in sales, or $2,000 in sales… or even $10,000 in sales.

It can mean the difference between a “ho-hum” month or possibly doubling - maybe even tripling - your sales practically overnight (it doesn’t take very long to write new copy).

It can mean the difference between you twiddling your thumbs waiting for clients to find you... or needing to hire extra help to HANDLE all the new clients coming your way …

And at the end of the day, all that means a BIG difference to your profit and income.

It’s the reason why professional copywriters can earn up to $25,000 or more for a single sales page. It’s that valuable.

What’s more, had it not been for my obsession to master copywriting, I don’t know if I’d be writing you today. It’s that powerful.

I mean, it’s directly responsible for helping me start and grow ten different businesses to the $1 million mark and beyond.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you

Since my early days in real estate, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars buying one copywriting course after another … gone to dozens of seminars … and read (and re-read) many books on the subject.

I’ve even interviewed some of the best copywriters on earth (and have become friends with a few of them).


At this stage in my career, I’ve created countless sales letters, sales videos and webinar scripts that have sold over $100 million of my products and services.

I don’t say this to brag.

Instead, I’m telling you this because I’ve tried it all. I’ve done every kind of “marketing” and “copywriting” test you can imagine.

I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. All that experience has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to master copywriting, fast.

And I’ve put all those distinctions … all those insights … into a comprehensive program that’s step-by-step and easy to follow.

It gives you the essential skills you need to master copywriting and implement it in your business as fast as humanly possible.

Introducing: Copywriting Mastery

Your Four-Part System for Attracting Paying Customers on Autopilot and Doubling or Tripling Your Sales Almost Overnight

This is your step-by-step program on once-and-for-all MASTERING this critical business skill.

This comprehensive “crash course” takes you by the hand and gives you the absolute essentials you need to write copy that sells.

You’ll uncover the secrets to understanding your customers at a deep level. You’ll learn how to use that knowledge and turn it into words to sell your products and services and get your products and services to “sell themselves.”

That’s because Copywriting Mastery is a collection of FOUR of my best-selling training modules on copywriting, persuasion, and marketing.

As soon as you gain instant access, I want you to start with …

PART #1 — a $197 Value:

This is your foundation for everything that comes next.

In all, Copywriting Blueprints consists of eight sessions, each with laser-targeted exercises so you can really master writing copy quickly.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

PART #2 — a $297 Value:

Once you’ve got a good foundation with the concepts in Copywriting Blueprints, it’s time to kick your skills up a notch.

That’s why I created Print Persuasion Master Class.

This is a series of interviews I did with the best copywriters and direct-response marketers I know – guys responsible for helping businesses rake in tens of millions of dollars on autopilot.

You’ll discover hard-won nuggets of wisdom from:

Craig Clemens
Craig is responsible for some of the most-successful campaigns on the Internet. He was one of my “secret weapons” whose copy helped one of my own businesses grow to the $20 million mark. He has gone on to become a very successful entrepreneur himself.

Dean Jackson
Dean is one of the most frustrating people I know. He has a “knack” for looking at a business, and knowing exactly what their next marketing campaign should say to become a blockbuster hit. And it’s no surprise, Dean LOVES learning and has a lifestyle-centered approach to business, using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun.

Yours Truly (Eben Pagan)
You already know my story. I included myself in this program because I wanted to give you some never-before released secrets for writing copy that I’ve used VERY successfully in many of my businesses.

Frank Kern
Frank Kern is one of the most sought after Direct Response internet worth of products and services online since 1999. He’s the guy even people like Tony Robbins turn to when they need online marketing help.

John Carlton
John Carlton is a living copywriting legend. He’s widely considered “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”, and also “the most respected writing teacher alive”. His list of clients includes many of the most successful marketers and business owners on the planet.

Frankly, I’m so thankful each of these guys took an hour out of their day to do these interviews with me. Many of them charge thousands of dollars just for an hour of their time.

Others, you can’t get access to for ANY price.

But you get over one-hour of their time, where they reveal some of their best-kept secrets.

Just think … ONE small insight, tip, technique, or tactic could easily add an extra six-figures to your bottom line – THIS YEAR.

I know, because I’ve learned a LOT of stuff from these guys and its helped take my businesses to the moon.

Once you’ve gone through Copywriting Blueprints and Print Persuasion Master Class, it’s time to move onto …

PART #3 — a $197 Value:

This next part gives you a set of persuasion tools you can use to motivate people to action in business and your personal life.

AND, it’s going to show you how to do it ethically, without being shady or manipulative.

You’ll make sure your needs are aligned with the needs of the person you want to persuade.

And I urge you to ONLY use what you learn in this program for good. These principles are THAT powerful.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

By the time you’re done, you will be a persuasion pro.

You’ll know what it takes to persuade and write in a way that moves people to action.

PART #4 — a $997 Value:

Finally, this part ties everything together into something you can implement in your business right away.

You’ll see how to apply your copy skills to things like emails, autoresponder sequences, sales pages, squeeze pages, and more so you can boost your sales, get more paying customers and ultimately boost your income.

It’s a complete soup-to-nuts- education in marketing.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

This isn’t your typical copywriting program

I’m not going to overwhelm you with a bunch of techniques that are unnecessary.

I’m not going to bore you with theory you don’t need.

Instead, I give you only the hard-hitting concepts necessary to turn you from not knowing a thing about writing copy … to writing like a pro and using it start or grow your business like wildfire.

You’ll get the know-how to create winning promotions that can attract a flood of new customers to you and help double or even triple your sales practically overnight.

This system will continue working
long into the future…

What you’ll learn is timeless. It works today, and it will work long into the future - because it’s based on deep human psychology.

Human behavior and psychology hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

The skills you learn in this program will pay dividends for the rest of your business career. For the rest of your life.

And that’s why I think $1,688 would be a VERY fair price for Copywriting Mastery, considering I’m handing you the result of years of study and experience on a silver platter.

But the fact of the matter is you won’t pay $1,688.

You won’t even pay half that - $844.

I want to make it so affordable, anyone who’s serious about starting or growing their business can make it happen.

So until this WEDNESDAY ONLY,
Copywriting Mastery is just $1,688 $197.
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Remember, with Copywriting Mastery, you’re getting FOUR of my best-selling training modules on copywriting and persuasion:

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I’m so confident that once you start using this system in your own business you’ll explode your sales and bring in more new customers than you can handle, that I’m going to guarantee it.

Here’s my guarantee to you:

When you register for Copywriting Mastery you’ll have an entire year to go through the training and use this system in your business.

Simply go through the first part, Copywriting Blueprints. Do the copy exercises and use the formulas and templates you’re given.

Then, if you still haven’t seen a dramatic increase in your sales and the number of new customers you attract, just send me your completed exercises to show me you did them and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how confident I am that once you learn this system and apply it to your business, you’ll start seeing results — and I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

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See you in the training,

P.S. Every day that passes by without mastering this critical skill is costing you money.

Knowing how to write great copy can help you attract more paying customers … it can help you double or even triple your sales almost overnight … and it can ultimately pad your bank account.

And also know that NOT having great copy can actually cost you sales.

Either way you slice it, knowing how to write great copy is a MUST.

It’s the biggest leverage point you can get in your business. Like the Pareto principle states, 80% of your results typically comes from just 20% of your actions.

Copywriting IS that 20% that gives you maximum leverage and return on investment (ROI).

I don’t know any other type of investment (stocks, real estate, etc) where you can get up to 10X ROI almost overnight.

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